The Lehnninger Biochemsitry

The Lehnninger text has a long history, but given that biochemical knowledge doubles every 5 years or so, it matters what a text offers now, not in the past. The writing style is simple, direct, engaging, not too easy but neither too esoteric. The principles (as the title suggests) and the unity in diversity are emphasized, so that the student understands biochemical principles not merely facts, acronyms, pathways. The graphics are very professional. They are comparable to any review article in hot journals such as Nature, Science, Cell, etc. The rendering of protein surfaces, and the different angles through which a structure is seen is outstanding (a good example is the section on the ribosome). The structures have been rendered from the PDB (protein data bank) coordinates.

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Microbiology, 5th by Lannsing M. Preescott

Prescot, Harlley and Kleein's 5th edition provides a balanced, comprehensive introduction to all major areas of microbiology. Because of this balance, Microbiology, 5/e is appropriate for students preparing for careers in medicine, dentistry, nursing, and allied health, as well as research, teaching, and industry. Biology and chemistry are prerequisites. The Fifth Edition has been updated extensively to reflect the latest discoveries in the field.This book is nicely done, all together. The flow of information is well organized, with great cross-references and detailed graphs and pictures to help understand important concepts. Also, several appendices, a glossary, serve as helpful resources. The material is presented in a tasteful manner, not reducing the book to a mere picture book. This book, written for undergraduate and graduate students, gives serious information and is very detailed.
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