This is a real "course", not just a number of experiments in a row to introduce techniques. The course takes you from soup to nuts in making a "biotechnology" product, instructing the student in the most important of molecular biology techniques along the way. Safety and record keeping are stressed. The student will gain technical knowledge and also will really see and understand how a product, in this course an enzyme, can be made from a cloned gene. The idea of teaching techniques on a continuum is really a great idea. Though the second edition is now a few years old, the methods are tried and true and haven't changed so don't let the date stop you. The writing is succinct and there are helpful hints for the instructor for getting the lab classroom set up, etc. I think this course would be appropriate for an advanced high school biotech class, a post-secondary technial school or college, or undergrad college class. I highly reccommend this book.

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