Getting a PhD: An Action Plan to Help You Manage Your Research, Your Supervisor and Your Project

This book provides information that will help rese arch students avoid needless mistakes. It informs and advises you about many of the important facets of postgraduate research, including:
* what it means to conduct research at doctoral level;
* the requirements for independence, contribution to knowledge, originality and suitability for publication;
* planning a research project over a period of time;
* responsible research practice;
* criteria used in the examination of a PhD.

Antisense and Ribozyme Methodology: Laboratory Companion

Image Antisense and ribozymes have a relatively short yet successful history as research tools in gene expression studies, and thus are considered as having high potential reagents in treating viral infections and cancer. This laboratory companion provides detailed information on the potential, advantages and limitations of this methodology. It critically discusses potential pitfalls, presents strategies for choosing targets and delivery systems, so as to allow the selection of the optimum methodology for achieving fast and reliable experimental success with any human or other biological system. For researchers, technicians and advanced graduates in experimental medicine, molecular and cell biology.

Biosimulation in Drug Development

ImageThis first comprehensive survey to cover all pharmaceutically relevant topics provides a comprehensive introduction to this novel and revolutionary tool, presenting both concepts and application examples of biosimulated cells, organs and organisms. Following an introduction to the role of biosimulation in drug development, the authors go on to discuss the simulation of cells and tissues, as well as simulating drug action and effect. A further section is devoted to simulating networks and populations, and the whole is rounded off by a look at the potential for biosimulation in industrial drug development and for regulatory decisions. Part of the authors are members of the BioSim Network of Excellence that encompasses more than 40 academic institutions, pharmaceutical companies and regulatory authorities dealing with drug development; other contributors come from industry, resulting in a cross-disciplinary expert reference

RNA Trafficking and Nuclear Structure Dynamics

Image Over the last few years remarkable progress has been accomplished with respect to our understanding of nuclear structure and trafficking. This volume concentrates on aspects that involve or are of relevance to RNA and RNPs. Topics include fundamental advances and current problems in the structural organization of different subnuclear compartments: chromatin, nucleolus and perinucleolar compartment, Cajal bodies and gems, speckles containing splicing factors, as well as the PML bodies characteristic of ProMyelocytic Leukemia. It also describes recent progress in the dynamic aspects of RNA trafficking and in the latest technologies for live cell imaging of mRNA. The major general message of this volume is that nuclear structure is much more dynamic than previously anticipated.

Medical Statistics at a Glance

ImageMedical Statistics at a Glance provides a concise and accessible introduction and revision aid for undergraduate medical students and anyone wanting a straightforward introduction to this complex subject. Following the familiar, easy-to-use at a Glance format, each topic is presented as a double-page spread with key facts accompanied by clear, informative tables, formulae and graphs. This new edition of Medical Statistics at a Glance: * Contains a second colour throughout to enhance the visual appeal, making the subject even easier to understand * Features worked examples on each topic, with emphasis on computer analysis of data rather than hand calculations * Includes new topics on Rates and Poisson regression, Generalised linear models, Explanatory variables in statistical models and Regression models for clustered data. * Has an accompanying website supplementary material including multiple choice questions (MCQs) with annotated answers for self-assessment