Description: Gene regulation is an essential process in the development and maintenance of a healthy body, and as such is a central focus in both basic science and medical research. Gene Regulation, Fifth Edition, provides the student with a clear, up-to-date description of gene regulation in eukaryotes, distilling the vast and complex primary literature into a concise overview. For this fifth edition, in addition to extensive updating of existing material, sections on large-scale methodologies have been expanded, and a new section included on regulation by small interfering RNAs. More detail has been added on the role of multi-protein complexes in transcriptional activation and the discussion of the regulation of factor activity by specific modifications to include acetylation and ubiquitination as well as phosphorylation. The final chapter on gene regulation and human disease now includes additional novel examples, such as RNA edition in motor neurone disease, role of the transcriptional co-activator CBP in Alzheimer's disease and PML-RAR involvement in acute promyelocytic leukemia.